Last 5K

Did a nice easy 5K yesterday for my last real run this week. Trying not to think about it too much, lots of other excitement this weekend… But may do 1-2K on Saturday just to get out the jitters.

Package pickup is tonight and tomorrow, gotta find some time to get out there. Also, looking forward to the next race (something I read was a good idea while preparing to run and dealing with taper week)… I’m not really sure what to do there. I’d like to try and run a fast marathon this year while my speed is up. I’m thinking either Seattle in December, or there’s a night one in Las Vegas in November… I’ll be looking into those today!

Taper week does suck though, what am I supposed to do tonight if I’m not running or partying?! heh. Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving non-existent readers! I’ll post post-race. 🙂

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