Thanks for all the hugs! I’m off!


I’m at the airport now, through security, bag and bike got checked in fine! Bike wasn’t even weighed, which drives me crazy due to how many times I checked and rechecked and rebalanced the weight there! haha. Hopefully it all arrives on the other side in Khartoum.

Someone mentioned wanting to see my packing list. Here is is in raw unfiltered form: Google Spreadsheet.

The last couple weeks have blown by super fast and I can just hope I’m prepared enough for whatever’s on the other side! I’m super excited though now that I’m through! So so exciting! And thankful for all the friends I’ve had lend me a hand the last couple days, and all the hugs and words people have given me in the many many goodbyes.

Will at Campione went out of his way hardcore too to make sure I brought the tires I wanted to Africa. He drove them home from his vacation in Vancouver and got in at 8pm last night to the shop and had me come in to get them! Woohoo! All I forgot was my damn minipump. Maybe someone will have an extra… A guy can dream!

See you all in May! And on the blog along the way! I’ll try and blog more now that my days will be more exciting! And message me on Facebook, I love talking to friends, all of the time. I’ll get back to you when I can!

There’ll be lots and lots to talk about come May, I’m sure.

Next stop: Khartoum!!!