Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

This place is awesome, just bee tee dubs.

Anyways, headed back last night for my last hilly 10K before the 50K grizzly this weekend. Still pretty nervous, but thinking back to how I was prepared for my marathon back in May vs how I’m prepared now makes me feel better. I still didn’t do enough long long hilly runs, but I’ve put in some really good miles, and have to hope that’ll carry me through the 1600+ meters of vertical involved (which honestly worries me much more than the 50K of trail). The last time I did 1600 meters in one day, it was climbing the Calgary tower 10 times over 6 hours, and I was wrecked… Though that was in my pre-running days.

Anyways, the run last night went well, it was  a great last trail run and confidence builder. I shall leave you (*cough* non-existant *cough*) readers with some pictures of Glenbow Ranch’s awesomeness!

Funemployment and Training

So I definitely went on a run last Friday, it went pretty good.. set a new segment record on the climb out of the valley at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park (along the Tiger Lily loop).. Just by a second, but was still nice, since I think it felt easier overall. Had Dexter dog with me too.

Saturday I hit up the Saturday UCTC Run and met a new member that pushed me pretty quick after the turn around for a solid 9 minute negative split on a 12ish km training run. Set a number of records on Strava too:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 11.26.54 AM

Not bad. I think I’ve done faster on the track, but for an outdoor run just on a whim, felt good. 🙂

Went on a little hike and played Ultimate on Sunday. Pretty much the best weather for the game that Calgary had ever seen. 13 degrees, 0 wind. Vunderbar! We won 15-3 and then continued to play because it was just that nice. For some reason the other team seemed to get a lot better after they lost, was fun. 🙂

Then yesterday I came to work and gave my notice. Last day, November 8! Perhaps this blog will have some very interesting updates after that date. 🙂