Splish Splash

Ok, so I totally failed at going for a run last night, but I’m going today no matter what!

In other news, this morning was my first Thursday swim w/ Talisman Centre’s Tri Club (despite it being a Friday — they’re still fixing the pool from the flood).. It went pretty well! 5:20am was way too early to get up, but the swim was enjoyable enough, loved having the hot tub afterwards… And it was a smaller class size than UCTC was, with 3 coaches, all giving advice at different times (ie. not overwhelming). Awesome. 🙂

Still not super into the swim training, but it was a nice start and a nice motivator for the day. I almost went for a run right after but it was still -2 and waiting til later in the day would make it more pleasurable for sure. Run tonight!

Motivation! (or lack thereof)

Last week between stepping off the plane from Montreal on Monday night and going to bed on Sunday, I managed 100.5 kilometers of running over 5 days! (2 days). Since then, I’ve taken 3 days off. 🙁

I wish I could get the motivational problems under control and lock things on high (though I understand that’s unrealistic and unhealthy), 3 days now is a bit much. Must run tonight! If people read this, they could chastise me when I miss runs I talk about doing… that’ll help, in the future, perhaps. haha.

I also need more people in my life willing to go on >10K runs all over the place. I’ve got a few friends I run with, but when they’re all busy or resting, it’s that much tougher.

What up, brain? Smarten up!