Motivation! (or lack thereof)

Last week between stepping off the plane from Montreal on Monday night and going to bed on Sunday, I managed 100.5 kilometers of running over 5 days! (2 days). Since then, I’ve taken 3 days off. 🙁

I wish I could get the motivational problems under control and lock things on high (though I understand that’s unrealistic and unhealthy), 3 days now is a bit much. Must run tonight! If people read this, they could chastise me when I miss runs I talk about doing… that’ll help, in the future, perhaps. haha.

I also need more people in my life willing to go on >10K runs all over the place. I’ve got a few friends I run with, but when they’re all busy or resting, it’s that much tougher.

What up, brain? Smarten up!

The New

Finally doing something with this domain other than a placeholder w/ a picture of me. Gonna try blogging again, probably mostly about races, training for races, and traveling. I do a lot of training for races these days, mostly running, though there’s some biking in there too, and a very small amount of swimming… 😉

Next big race is under two weeks away, I’m doing the 50K Grizzly Ultra @ Canmore Nordic Centre. Should be fun (and scary and hard and … omg).

More posts soon!

ski, run, bike, snowboard, whatever!